“A world full of love, light and laughter, its time has come.”

– Sadhguru

ASCENDANCE is dedicated to raise human consciousness through classical hatha yoga in its purest form, so each one of us can blossom to our highest potential.


Why yoga?

What is Hatha Yoga?

In Indian languages, in common usage, the word ‘Hatha’ means being adamant. So, this is the quality you would need for practicing Hatha Yoga. Because when you are adamant, you simply do it. Hatha yoga means perseverance, one has to give himself, only then it happens. Hence it is very important for a person to establish himself on this level.

The deeper and real meaning of the word ‘Hatha’ is: ‘Ha’ means sun, and ‘Tha’ means moon. They are referring to the ‘Ida'(left energy channel) and ‘Pingala'(right energy channel) – the sun and moon within yourself. Hatha yoga is one way of balancing the sun and the moon within us.

This balance is very essential for a person who is thinking in terms of higher energies in life. It is necessary to keep the sun and moon in a balanced state. Only then the person can seek and explore a higher dimension of life.