Welcome to Hatha Yoga Boxtel

My yoga studio is based in Boxtel.  In this beautiful setting, you can learn a range of Classical Hatha Yoga routines under strict guidelines of Isha Foundation. These practices are designed by Sadhguru for general wellness, stress release, mental balance and boost your energy & strength. More importantly, they have deep spiritual significance.

Instead of relying on a yoga teacher for a daily or weekly yoga session, here you will learn a complete routine.  After the workshop, you can practice on your own whenever and wherever you want.  It enables you constantly to benefit from the practices wherever you are.

Including me, there are currently only two Isha Hatha Yoga teachers actively teaching Isha Classical Hatha Yoga in the Netherlands.  Isha’s uniqueness and quality of the practices have  attracted many participants from all different places.  Since the start of my studio in 2016,  many people have travelled far way to attend the workshops here.  This includes: Germany, Belgium, Finland and Italy.  Many participants travel from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Den Bosch, Arnhem and Eindhoven to attend our workshops.

In order to conduct the workshops, I have gone through more than 1,750 hours of intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher training at the Isha Yoga Center, South India – designed by Sadhguru.   It is my mission to bring Classical Hatha Yoga to the world in its purity.  Isha yoga has completely transformed my life (My journey).  I am looking forward to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested to learn.

I teach a range of practices with different physical intensity. Contact me today for a free consultation to find out how I can improve the quality of your life!

Photo credit to Isha Hatha Yoga School