School of Isha Classical Hatha Yoga

We offer Classical Hatha Yoga for physical health, mental wellbeing and spiritual growth

* Fully certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher * 1,750+ training hours * 610+ yoga workshops *7 years of experience

“Hatha Yoga is about creating a body that will NOT be a hurdle but a stepping stone for you to blossom into your ultimate possibility.”

“It doesn’t matter where it begins or where it ends, till I reach there, I simply keep going.”

“Unless a person has this attitude and strength within himself, the spiritual path is out of the question.”


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Very seldom in my life have I come across of teachings of such a high quality like what I found at Ascendance. The teacher Shivangi was fully dedicated, kind and sharp. The practices that she taught me made instant impact in my quality of life, making me feel 20 years younger in just two days. A beautiful studio at a wonderful natural area. I am sure this studio and this teacher will become a reference point in The Netherlands for anyone that is truly interested in her/his own well being, physical and mental health or spiritual growth.
Hernan Schvartzman
Clearly the Sadhana day had helped me to make significant strides in Angmardana getting me into focus, 30-sec stretches are amazing, and Nadhi balance, what can I say, thank you, it has helped my breath to be normal.  Also from an experience this is the best way for me to experience yoga without any kind of distraction for one day !
I would highly recommend this yoga school for those who seek true knowledge and wish to gain unique yoga skills! Very dedicated and amazing teacher, who is definitely able to share sacred and ancient wisdom. Ambience at the location and during the classes is great, filled with peaceful and calm energy. You will certainly feel grateful and blessed after completing one of the programs offered at this school.
Alisa Borysenko
Thank you for the wonderful sadhana day! Doing the practices together in this setting I was able to focus deeper then most times at home and felt nice.  The corrections that I got were really helpful and I would definetly attend a sadhana day again in the future.


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