5 reasons why hatha yoga is great for beginners

Hatha yoga for beginners 5 reasons why

Hatha yoga is great for beginners and individuals from all backgrounds. To learn Hatha yoga practices, you don’t need any previous yoga experience and It is suitable for ages 14 years old and up.

Hatha yoga helps Build a stable and balanced foundation

I have personally seen people copying advanced yoga postures from TV programs. It’s important to note that starting with advanced postures, without the necessary preparation and guidance, is not safe with Hatha yoga practices. Sadhguru has explained that certain postures are preparatory in nature, while other more advanced postures aim to enhance energy.

For this reason Sadhguru has selected 21 Hatha yoga postures in the beginner Yogasana sequence.  These postures are essential to go through in order to establish the needed stability and balance within the human system. With this beginner Hatha yoga sequence you are laying a steady and balanced foundation. Building anything without this firm foundation, is highly irresponsible.

Through the practice of beginner Yogasana sequences, you build up the necessary foundation and readiness. After that, you can learn a few carefully selected advanced postures to enhance your energy. According to Sadhguru, this is a much safer and responsible way to approach Hatha Yoga practices.

Hatha yoga is a step-by-step approach to enhance your strength and resilience

The movement of Hatha yoga postures is very gentle and slow. It is like a moving meditation. However, this process can be very intense.  Therefore, Sadhguru has trained us to take a step-by-step approach to strengthen the body to build up the necessary resilience and ease in the system.

Initially, when you first learn the postures, you will hold each posture for 15 seconds, three cycles each. Fifteen seconds is comfortable for any beginner without any previous experience.  Gradually, when your body becomes comfortable and at ease with this holding time, you can systematically increase the holding time to 30 seconds, 45 seconds etc. You can hold the posture according to your own capability and comfort.

You don’t need to worry about reaching the perfect posture at the start.  Instead, the journey towards the final “perfect”  posture itself is the most transformational.  Your body will start to gain strength, flexibility and resilience throughout this journey. For example, you will notice that your breath will become deeper, and your pulse rate will also decrease. These changes indicate that the body is coming to ease in the posture.

Sadhguru said that if you can hold a posture absolutely at ease for two to two and half hours, you can reach a different level called asana siddhi. That means you can perceive everything in existence through this posture you are holding. So, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Hatha yoga is an effective and powerful experience for beginners

The Hatha yoga practices or the Yogasanas sequences selected by Sadhguru are extremely effective. It works very well, even for beginners who do not have any previous meditation or yoga experience. This is also true even if you cannot reach the perfect posture. The Yogsasanas will still function well within you.  After a few weeks of practice, you can already notice a certain calmness and meditativeness.

Using the breath and the mind during the practice brings a profound depth and focus to the practitioner, as long as you perform the postures according to the instructions.  This effectiveness is very inspiring and encouraging for beginners. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for years to benefit from these practices.

Hatha yoga is a systematic approach to cultivate a yogic lifestyle

I have often heard people who don’t practice yoga complain that they don’t have the necessary commitment and discipline to take this path. However, Hatha yoga is actually an excellent way to cultivate commitment and discipline systematically.

Ideally, after starting the Yogasanas beginner sequence you complete a Mandala. A mandala is essentially a period of 40 to 48 days, during which you maintain the practice twice a day with morning and evening practices. This mandala period is essential for any spiritual practice to take root in your system.  After the mandala period, you will have the confidence and trust to continue the journey on your own.

This process trains the body to absorb into the yogic lifestyle in a committed, disciplined way. You will see that you start to adjust your daily life to maintain the practice. You will also have enhanced awareness and become more sensitive to life as you practise daily.

Additionally, you will have the privilege to welcome the first rays of sunshine in the early morning. You will enjoy the early birds chirping, notice the sharp green in the leaves and the blossoming of flowers around you. Life becomes a beautiful living experience.

Yogasanas workshops

In Boxtel, Ascendance yoga studio, you can learn Hatha yoga postures or Yogasanas in two stages. The first stage is the beginner sequence with the 21 steps selected by Sadhguru for stability and balance. After that, you can learn the advanced postures to top up the series.  Both programs are available regularly. Click here for the upcoming programs: https://www.ascendance.nl/upcoming-programmes/


You can safely start with Hatha yoga practices if you have not had any open surgery within the past six months or any laparoscopic surgery within the past six weeks. If you have please refrain from practicing hatha yoga.

For ladies, it is crucial to keep in mind that Hatha yoga is not suitable to practice during the pregnancy period due to its intensity. However, it is safe for ladies to start with Hatha yoga practices before and after the pregnancy. Hatha yoga practices are excellent for preparing the body. After the delivery, it can also help the body get back into shape very quickly.

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