A simple, easy, delicious pumpkin soup for a cold winter!

Stamppotje seems to be the all time winter dish for the Dutch family.   Do you know there is a way simpler and easier way to have a cosy, delicious and super healthy winter dish?
– A pumpkin soup!!!   Yes a pumpkin soup!!

Pumpkins are loaded with a variety of nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


A medium size organic pumpkin (approx. 1 kg)
Veg bouillon
Black pepper
Pumpkin seeds

Steps towards a bowl of super pumpkin soup:

1, Get a medium size organic pumpkin approximately 1 kg in weight.

2, Wash and cut the pumpkin to half, scoop out the seeds. You can put the seeds aside for them to dry and use them for the next time.

3, Cut the pumpkin to couple of chunks then use the peeler to peel the skin off.

4, After peeling, you can cut the pumpkin into smaller and even cubes.

5, Prepare some bouillon with 1 L of boiling water as the base. (You can make your own fresh bouillon or get some stock from the super market.)

6, Put the pumpkin cubes in the bouillon to boil for about 10 minutes or so. (No need to over cook it, only soft enough for it to blend.)

7, Blend the pumpkin cubes into soup with a blender until a smooth consistency. Add some black pepper for seasoning.  (You can also pour some bouillon out before you start to blend. Then you get a thicker soup. You can gradually add some bouillon back to reduce the thickness.)

8, Get another pan and spread some pumpkin seeds with low heat for a few minutes or until they start to jump in the pan.

9, Pour the soup out to 2 large bowls and serve with some pumpkin seeds on top.

10, Enjoy!!! 😀

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