What is Angamardana?

Angamardana is a system rooted in yoga that offers to everyone the opportunity to invigorate the body and to reach physical and mental health.

‘Angamardana’ means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body. This is a series of 31 processes.

With exercises carefully selected by Sadhguru to be of universal appeal and application, Angamardana needs no fitness equipment.  It uses only the body and can be practiced anywhere, even during travel.

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Benefits of Angamardana

  • Revitalises the body including the muscles, blood circulations and nervous systems
  • Strengthens the spine, skeletal systems, and muscular system
  • Builds physical strength, fitness and tenacity
  • Invigorates and take years off the body
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Brings a sense of lightness and freedom in the body
  • Prepares the body for Hatha yoga

A sneak peek of Angamardana practice

Preparation steps

Before doing the Angamardana practice, it is important that the body is warmed up properly.

Therefore, we will first learn a set of preparation steps for this purpose.

These preparation steps help to bring balance between the energy channels.  They will also bring up your metabolic level.

Daily practise of these steps can also improve your flexibility and inner balance.

Find out when the next Angamardana workshop is.

Images showing Isha Hatha Yoga teachers demonstrating  a few postures from the 4 sets of Angamardana practices.

4 sets of practices

Angamardana is comprised of four sets of practices: standing, squatting, sitting and lying down postures. It also involves a particular way of using the breath.

Each of the four sets has a series of postures and movements on its own.  Each set can be practised individually as a stand alone practice.

The practice time for each set is approximately +/-10 minutes, depends your level of fitness and flexibility.

For holistic benefits, it is always the best and recommended to practice the entire Angamardana practice in its entirety.

Isha Hatha Yoga teacher demonstrate a closure posture in Angamardana.

Closure steps

After doing the Angamardana practice, we will also learn a few steps to further enhance the energy.

The entire Angamardana practice loose up our limbs systematically.  A few simple movements afterwards can energise the system in a big way.

Thereafter, you can sit in stillness and enjoy the meditativeness from your hard work. 🙂

Tuition fee: EUR 300.-

  • Practice intensity: High
  • Stomach condition: An empty stomach condition is essential
  • Practice time: +/- 45 minutes
  • Suitable age: 8 years old +
  • Previous experience in yoga is not required
  • You are prepared to do the practice regularly at home after the workshop

Frequently asked questions

Is Angamardana workshop suitable for me?

Angamardana is suitable for anyone who is older than 8 years. If you are relevantly mobile and have no severe back or heart problem or hernia, you are always welcome to try it out.

Due to the intensity of the practice it is not suitable for a lady who is pregnant. It is also recommended not to do Angamardana within 6 months of any open surgery; or with 6 weeks of any laparoscopic surgery.

I don't done any yoga before. Can I still attend the Angamardana workshop?

Yes. You can for sure attend the Angamardana workshop, regardless your previous experience in yoga.  There is no pre requisite for learning Angamardana.

The entire practice is taught in such depth, including the correctness of the postures and how to do the breathing.  After the practice, you will be able to repeat the full routine on your own.

Can I learn Angamardana online?

Angamardana workshop is not available online. You can only learn it in person.  This an ancient practice within the classical Hatha Yoga series. Sadhguru emphasis the importance of a live transmitting of all classical Hatha Yoga practices.  A certain atmosphere has been created in the class, which is the most conducive for you to receive them.

Can I combine Angamardana with other practices?

Yes, you can combine Angamardana with other practices.  If you do other Isha Yoga practices, Angamardana is a wonderful preparation steps for you.

If you practice other style of yoga, you can still combine your current practice with Angamardana. During the workshop, the teacher will explain how you combine it with other yoga practices.