Can you apply oil on the belly button to relief ailments?🤔

An experiment:

A couple of months ago, I came across a post in a WhatsApp group.  It was about applying oil on the belly button to reduce ailments in the body.  My initial reaction was: what is this? I don’t believe it.  Then I started to do some research on the internet and indeed I have found quite some articles about this.   So I got very curious.  I decided to do an experiment to find out whether it is true or not for me personally.

There were two oils standing out for me: 1) to apply coconut oil to reduce dry skin; and 2) to apply castor oil to reduce knee pain.

Skin issue has been a constant problem for me since my childhood.  It can get extremely dry and irritable.  Another issue for me is knee pain.   Whenever I take classes, I could sit on the floor in Ardhasiddhasana for 3 hours straight.  Sometimes I get quite some pain on my right knee, where I had my old injury.   For these reasons, I started to apply coconut oil and castor oil on my belly button interchange-ably for a period of time.  Then I observed what happens in my system.

I must say the effect was really incredible. 😲 Especially with castor oil, after 3 nights of applying it on my belly button, the pain on my right knee literally went away.   Since then, whenever I do Angamardhana the pain from my old injury didn’t bother me any more.   The coconut oil has become my favourite. 💖  It indeed reduced the level of dryness on my skin.   At the same time, I noticed my body has become quite flexible.  I was pleasantly surprised. I did not expect this at all.   So I continued applying coconut oil on my belly button before I go to sleep ever since.

Magic belly button

Belly button or the navel is where we have the cord connected to our mother when we were growing inside her belly.   It is the key supply centre.   From the yogic point of view, just below the navel sits an important energy point Manipura.  This is the maintenance centre of the human body.  It is also the only point where all 72,000 energy points meet and connect.   Its a fundamental point for regeneration.

Apply oil at the belly button and gently rub it about 1.5 inch around it, which covers Manipuraka.  The quality of the oil got absorbed and spread through the whole system. Then it starts to work on its miracles.

Coconut oil

Using coconut oil in the body and hair has been a long tradition in India. It contains high saturated fat and makes a person’s skin and hair glow. Some articles even mentioned that it has positive impact on internal organs and even improve fertility. 😀 I am not sure about this. In terms of reducing dryness on my skin is definitely true.

Castor oil

Castor oil is also called wonder oil.  I think the word “wonder” is pretty self explanatory. When I was in Kailash track, my face was burned due to the exposure to the sun.   In the end trip, I ended up looking like a racoon.   Even in that condition, castor oil healed my face within a week.  Sometimes I also drink castor oil with warm water to clean the colon.  Now think about it, I should not be surprise it also got rid of my knee pain.

Other oils

I have also also come crossed the almond oil.  Apparently it will make your face glow. Someone also mentioned that mustard seed oil can help to reduce joint pain.  I have not tried them yet.  Maybe you would like to give it ago. 🙂

In the end, I think different body reacts differently to the quality of the oil. For me coconut oil and castor oil works miraculously.   You can certainly try out to see what works best for your own system.  Of course, this should not replace the daily sadhana.  😀  Saying that, every little helps.

4 thoughts on “Can you apply oil on the belly button to relief ailments?🤔

  1. Thank you Shivangi for sharing this, I also have the same issue my left knee and dry skin. I am going to give it a try! 🙂

    1. Hi Karuna, I am very curious how your body responds to the oils as well. Keep me posted. By the way, I find coconut oil very good for oil bath as well. I now do it once a week. It also make the skin softer.

  2. Thank you Shivangi for sharing. My skin also has the tendency to become dry. I will put coconut oil on my belly every night and see what the effect it has on me

  3. Trying castor oil tonight. Knee pain on both knees over 3 years. I will be in touch

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