Hatha yoga

7 hatha yoga mistakes

Hatha Yoga Postures: 7 Typical Mistakes People Make

In the next part, I want to point out 7 typical mistakes people make when they try hatha yoga postures.  Hopefully, this can help you to avoid them. 1) You don’t need to learn all the hatha yoga postures. In the past years of conducting hatha yoga workshops, I have come across many “collectors” of hatha yoga postures. They are very eager to learn, which is a great personality trait ...
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What are hatha yoga postures

What Are Hatha Yoga Postures?

In this post, we will dive deep into the subject of classical hatha yoga postures. Read this post in combination with our other guide on seven mistakes people make when it comes to these hatha yoga postures. I hope this helps prevent you from making the same mistake. Not all body postures are yoga postures. We can move our bodies into different postures. But, did you know that not all ...
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Benefits of hatha yoga

What Are The Benefits of Hatha Yoga?

It is commonly known that doing yoga will make you feel calm and relaxed. And, it is not unheard of that yoga can even become some form of therapy for people with physical ailments. Yes, practising yoga will give you more physical strength and flexibility. If you practice proper yoga regularly, your pulse rate can come down, and your breath can become deeper and longer. As a result, you feel ...
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Hatha yoga for beginners 5 reasons why

5 reasons why hatha yoga is great for beginners

Hatha yoga is great for beginners and individuals from all backgrounds. To learn Hatha yoga practices, you don’t need any previous yoga experience and It is suitable for ages 14 years old and up. Hatha yoga helps Build a stable and balanced foundation I have personally seen people copying advanced yoga postures from TV programs. It’s important to note that starting with advanced postures, without the necessary preparation and guidance, ...
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