How to create inner space to receive new spirits?

Have you created sufficient inner space to receive the new spirits?   If your answer is no – not yet, maybe this list can help you to create this needed space.  It is the time to conclude the old and to embrace the new…

Create Inner Space

  • Airplane mode

Nowadays with the booming of social media platforms, distractions are constantly coming from all directions. E.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat… You name it.  Even if you just follow a few conversations, you see time just flies by.   How about setting your mobile to “Airplane Mode” and putting it aside.

Just sit for a moment on your own, with your eyes closed, reconnect to yourself.  Start with a simple body scan from tip of your toes to the top of your head. Notice all the sensations, any tinkling feelings or change of temperatures. Then bring your attention to your breath, stay there for some time.  You will notice after a few minutes, a sense of ease will start to fall upon you – followed by a sense of relaxation.

Set a fixed time to re-join the world again, you will see that most of the notifications or messages you received are not that important.   If you try this every day, after sometime, you will start to gain more inner space and gather fewer social clutters.  It is also a release to realise that the planet spins fine even without your participation. 🙂

  • See with the unseen eyes

One fundamental aspect of daily spiritual practices (sadhana) is the benefit of internal cleansing.  With your eyes closed and focus on your sadhana, each breath and each movement is the act of cleansing.  It washes off the dust and clears off the clutters – in your mind and your energy.

Have you ever experienced this in your sadhana?  Some puzzled question just got answered; some forgotten incompletions emerged to surface; some deep insights came to you out of no where.  There is a deep intelligence within ourself.  When we create the right condition, it enables us to see clearly with the unseen eyes.  This is just like waiting for the muddy water to settle.  When the river is clear again, you will have so much clarity and insights.

Keeping your daily practices is crucial. Start with something basic which is easy to maintain.  Fix  a time of the day so you can attend to it.  Slowly and steadily build on top of it until you have a routine that works for you and sticks.  Discipline starts with consistency, time and moderation.  If you are struggling, remind yourself why you do what you do.  Don’t forget to reward yourself for keeping up with the good work.

  • Trace back to the route of your shadows

Most of us have some shadows or red buttons. Sometimes an incidence occurs which triggers these shadows and causes some negative emotions. One of my shadows is “injustice”.   Whenever something happened which I felt was unfair or unjust, it triggered me immediately.  I will get angry and take some impulsive actions that I regret later on.

The week before Christmas it happened to me at work.  It was just a simple comment from a colleague which led to me reacting to it impulsively due to the triggered emotion. The day after that I was reflecting back during my Surya Kriya cycles.  I was asking myself where is this trigger coming from.  I went to a meditative state then suddenly some old memory came to me. I was only 8 years old then.  My mum was accusing me lying about something. She made a mistake and I was innocent.  That was the first time I heard about “a lie”.  Her harsh words cut into me deeply then and caused some unresolved anger and negative emotion.  30 years later, they still impact me unconsciously.

This unexpected discovery helped me to understand my trigger. I was very emotional even thought back about the incidence. Then, I decided to make a completion within myself and forgive her for being unjust. At the same time, I have also learned not to make assumptions without knowing the full truth.  A shadow of mine has been lifted.  This was a very rewarding gift.

  • Making completion

What is incomplete will always come back to your consciousness.  They can be some postponed desires, unwanted chores, un-replied emails, incomplete conversations, unclosed relationships, even a bucket list..  When they are accumulated in your mind, they start to cloud your inner space.  This is like to put sticker notes onto a white board. The more notes you stick the less white you will see. By making completion, you peel them off the board one by one. Until the white board restores itself to the original space. It works the same way in your consciousness.   What is complete, will not show up.

I found it very effective to make an incompletion list and categorise the items.  Then clear them off one by one.  This starts off by putting away some clothes, replying outstanding emails, completing some open conversations…  Don’t forget to attend to your bucket list from time to time.  The more you clear off the list, the more space you will create internally.

Physical space reflects your inner space

  • Does it spark of joy?

What is your experience when you open your wardrobe? Do you see a lot of clutters? Do you feel you have nothing to wear, despite piles of clothes?  Marie Kondo’s “Does it spark of joy?” is my favourite solution.  You simply put all the clothes together, go through each item and check whether it still sparks of joy within you. If yes, it is to keep.  If no, it is to recycle.  Before you put the item in the recycle bag, do not forget to express your gratitude: hold it in your hand and thank it for clothing your body and keeping you warm.

This one works for me like a miracle. It is so simple and easy! After a few trips to the recycle points, my wardrobe has so much space, yet full of joy!

  • Het Goed

Do you have a lot of old items e.g. books, DVDs, consoles, games, DVD players, coffee machine, tools etc.  They are sitting on the shelves and collecting dust day on day.  You can apply two questions: 1) When was the last time it was used? 2) When is it going to be used again?  If the answers are: 1) So long ago that I don’t even remember; 2) Probably not again. The solution is also simple – bring them to charity shops.  Let them be in the service of others.  One man’s garbage is another’s treasure.  Plus, you add it to the good cause.  Het Goed works well for me.  You maybe have your favorite.

After weeks of cleaning up, we have brought four car loads of old goods to Het Goed. The amount of clutter we have gathered was jaw dropping.  When they got removed, it is like brushing off a layer of heavy dust, our home reveals its space.

  • Strive for one thing

I have one thing to strive for.  It is to maintain moment to moment awareness of my breath.  Breath watching has shown me a vast inner space. It brought me closer to the deep sense of self.  It enables me to be in the constant present moment.  Intuitively I sense this is a doorway to my self-realisation.

What is the one-thing that you would strive for? One thing that will be a constant support for your spiritual growth and your inner transformation.   Take some time to look deep within yourself and find your answer.

Some have said that we are living in an era of a great spiritual significance.  It is the start of a planet movement from the darkness to the light; a global phenomenon of the raise of human consciousness. Regardless whether it is true or not, let’s make every moment for our transformation, growth and realisation. 

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