My journey

This was me when I was one year old. I grew up in a remote village in China.  At the age of 18 I have already left my hometown and went alone to the UK to study. Since survival and security was always a big issue in my childhood, accountancy and finance field became my natural selection in my early study and career choice.

During my ten years in the corporate environment, I witnessed many different working styles and saw how easily people get trapped into the never ending treadmill. I have always been a hardworking employee myself and always gave my best to whatever I do. This naturally got paid back with nice salaries and comfortable lifestyle. However, it was not aways a rosy picture.

The downside of overworking and overcommitment, brought me tremendous amount of stress, many restless nights, various of physiotherapy treatments and overall lack of personal space. The scale was no longer even. One day a close colleague of mine got a burnout. That was the first time I realised how serious it can be.

This alarm bell triggered me to reflect over my work-life situation. As a result of actively seeking for solutions, I came across Isha yoga in May 2013. Since then, everything has evolved incredibly. My committed way of practicing yoga has brought me enormous joy and ease. My old sense of insecurity was long gone. Instead, perception has come and I was able to see the world beyond my tiny little spreadsheet. Stress remained only in memory… A total new world has opened up to me.

In Aug 2014, in my last job, I remember I was discussing the next year’s annual operation plan with a sales manager. Sadly he informed me that two person in his team had a burnout and the third person is on the way. I walked out the meeting room with tears in my eyes. I was angry and sad at the same time, knowing there is a way out. Still, many people are working themselves into a deathtrap.

‘This is enough’ I said to myself.  Since then I started to explore a mystical and joyful journey. This decision came in sync with the reorganisation of the company.   It was almost like the universe had planned it for me.  Because the compensation I received was the exact amount I needed for my yoga teacher training.  So, in July 2015 I packed my stuff and started 21 weeks intensive hatha yoga teacher training in Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore.

I am determined to deepen my own way of being through my daily practice. At the same time, I will bring the light to as many people as I can. It does not always have to be a hard way. There is this way out, which can bring you a joyful way of living, only if you are open to it…

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