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Hieronder vind je de leraren van Ascendance. Alle leraren spreken engels.

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My name is Shivangi previously known as Estella King.  In August 2018 I have the privilege to receive this name from Sadhguru.  It means a limb of Shiva. It also means someone who brings light.

I am an extremely committed and dedicated Isha Hatha Yoga teacher.  I devote myself to transmit the classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form.

I take a great care to maintain this yogic tradition in its sanctity and vibrancy. So that, anyone who comes in contact with this unique tradition can be deeply touched and impacted by what is offered here. (about my journeyMy journey & my training)


Teacher Raah (Masha Otto) – the founder of Classical Hatha Yoga school “Yoga by Raah”. She was certified after 1750 hours of intense training followed by upgrades at ISHA Hatha Yoga school in Coimbatore/ South India).

Raah’s personal sharing: “ Learning Yoga in its purest form from Sadhguru, brahmacharis (monks) and teachers I realized that my own life became much more colorful, vibrant and energized, flexible and grateful. Just observing these people, the way they conduct everyday life was a great inspiration.

Through Yoga and yogis I began to tune with life and this amazing way to live I will be happy to transmit this dimension to everyone in this part of the World.”



Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

Inspired by Sadhguru I took to Yoga in 2012, over the times I realised Yoga is a tool to expand yourself. In 2015 I took the Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers training. I started teaching from 2016, the experience and impact I can make to someone’s life is my motivation. I have been running an online yoga shop as well >Yogis Shop

 Address: Lagos, Portugal