04. Angamardhana re-energize + Bhastrika Kriya (15 May)

    If you have completed the Angamardhana workshop before and wish to enhance your practice, this program would be a boost for you.
    If for any reason, you could not keep up with the practice, and now, you wish to pick it up again, in this case, this session will help you fresh up the sequence once again. After this session, you can continue with your practice independently with confidence and strength.
    We will also learn a practice called Bhastrika Kriya. Bhastrika Kriya is a simple but powerful breathing technique. It boosts your lung capacity and enhances your breathing. In addition, it will provide you with extra support for your daily sadhana.

Program Date:   15 May 2022

Workshop schedule:
Session 1/1: Sunday, 15 May 2022, 13:00 – 16:00
Costs: EUR 45.- per person.

Precaution: Due to the nature of the practice, it is NOT suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has hernia.
Suitable age: 12 years and above

Entry requirement: You must have already completed Angamardana workshop in order to attend this session.


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Location: Heesterakker 2, 5281 LV, Boxtel.  We are at the top floor of the building. The hall is open for entry 30 minutes before the program starts.

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