08. Yogasanas guided practice with corrections (1 April)

Is this the program for me?

If you have already learned the Yogasanas (Beginner and/or Advanced sequence) practice in the previous workshop, yes, this session will help to get your postures checked and you will receive immediate corrections from the teachers.  This will become a boost to your daily sadhana. 

If you are out of the practice for more than 1 month, it will be best that you attend a refresher program instead of coming to a guided practice.  Otherwise, you might struggle to keep up with the pace.  Send an email to info@ascendance.nl to enquire the next refresher opportunity.

What can I expect from this session?

You will be guided to practice the entire Yogasana sequence. You will also receive individual corrections from the teacher to fine tune your postures.  We will be holding each the posture for 1 minute. It is a good checking point to see where you are in your asanas. It is ok if you are unable to hold this long, you can just do your best.  


Program Date:  1 April 2023

Workshop schedule:
Session 1/1: Saturday, 1 April 2023, 15:00 – 17:00

Pre-requisite: you have already learned the practice and are able to maintain the practice regularly.



8 Spots available


Location: Heesterakker 2, 5281 LV, Boxtel.  We are at the top floor of the building. The hall is open for entry 30 minutes before the program starts.

Program venue
Sadhana day 3 - YogasanasSadhana day 3 - Yogasanas
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