Raw buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat is gluten free. It is high in protein and a good source of fibre, which is very good for colon health. It is also rich in minerals, for example, high in manganese, copper and magnesium and various plant compounds. Consuming buckwheat is good for your heart health, can improve blood sugar regulation and promote colon health.

Here is a very simple recipe, how you can make a buckwheat porridge raw without damaging its nutritional value.

1. Soak 1 cup or 100g of buckwheat groats overnight and rinse.
2. Have half cup of plant based milk ready. It can be soy milk, or almond milk, or rice milk whichever you prefer. (Hot or cold)
3. Get some organic pitted dates, or dry dates powder or honey for sweetness.
4. Blend the soaked or sprouted buckwheat in a high speed blender with the dates and plant based milk (hot or cold) until it reaches a smooth consistency.

I like to add some honey over the porridge. You can also add some sprinkles of coconut flakes. Now, just sit and enjoy your porridge with some fresh orange and a ginger biscuit by its side. What a healthy meal! 🙂

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