Retreat 2024

Classical Hatha Yoga Retreat

– 29th Feb – 3rd March 2024, Huissen, the NL

In 2024, we will host our first Classical Hatha Yoga retreat in the Netherlands. The centre practice of this retreat is Yogasanas – the beginner sequence.

We have chosen Huissen DominicanenKlooster as our venue thanks to its natural vibrance of tranquility and peace. (see the venue video on the left side)

When I first visited this enriching place, I fell immediately in love with its vibration. It felt ancient, nourishing and tranquil. This soothing energy subtly vibrated at the root of my spine.  I knew this is going to be a powerful place to experience classical hatha yoga.

Joining us in this retreat, soaking in this energy for 4 days, be fully absorbed by the deep meditativeness carefully created by experienced Isha Hatha Yoga teachers, fully embrace and deepen your sadhana.

Benefits of Yogasanas

Yogasanas are a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry, becoming in sync with the existence, thus naturally achieving a state of health, joy, bliss and above all balance.

    • The practice of Yogasanas provides countless benefits including:
    • Relief of chronic health conditions
    • Evolution of body and mind towards a higher possibility
    • Stabilization of the body, mind, and energy system
    • Deceleration of the aging process

A sneak peek at the program

Check out the photos to get an impression of the venue.

A calming setting

Teacher Bianca, Chandna and I will be hosting this retreat together in Huissen. I am very excited that we can come together for this event.

We have the privilege to have the new building for our program. The main sessions will take place in the Catherina Hall. Accommodations are just above the hall. We have direct access to the beautiful garden and lounge just outside the hall.

The monastery has its own vegetable garden and they grow all year long organic product. We will have their own home made , local, fresh and vegetarian produce throughout the retreat.

Daily schedule follows the ashram practice schedule

Daily content

We will start each day with the powerful Guru pooja offering at 5:30, just like how it is performed in the ashram.

Morning and evenings we will have tuition sessions to learn the main practice of Yogasanas.  After breakfast, in the noon session, we will also learn and practice balance sadhana e.g. AUM Chanting, Nadi Shuddhi and the practice of devotion – Bhakti Sadhana.

There are slots available to learn optional practice e.g. Bhuta Shuddhi. Or you can choose to do your own practice and get your postures observed and corrected by the teacher.

Don’t forget we will have time to have fun to play games and if weather permits, we might even get the bonfire started at the last night of the event. 🙂

Bhuta Shuddhi

If you have not yet learned Bhuta Shuddhi, there is an opportunity to learn this practice from the optional schedule.

Participants from the retreat will receive a discounted program fee of EUR 145.- instead of the standard EUR 175.-.  The program fee includes the Bhuta Shuddhi copper kit and refills which lasts 3 months, total value of EUR 80.-.

If you wish to attend the Bhuta Shuddhi program during the retreat, please email Shivangi at

Retreat fee: EUR 650.- for learning Yogasanas for the 1st time

(EUR 450.- for refresher &  deepening)

  • Including tuition fee for Yogasanas EUR 200.- (The standard program fees for Yogasanas are EUR 300.-)
  • Attendance of all other sessions throughout the day is free of charge.
  • Including accommodation for 3 nights  (EUR 120.- per person per night from the venue, total EUR 360.-) and 2 meals per day (EUR 20.- per person per day, total EUR 80-)
  • EUR 10.- towards tax and administrative material costs.
  • Please note Bhuta Shuddhi tuition fee is not included here.
  • Post program support for any practice related questions (via email, call and WhatsApp). This is offered free of charge.
  • For Bhuta Shuddhi sign up, please reach out to the teacher via
  • Practice intensity: High
  • Stomach condition: An empty stomach condition is essential for Yogasanas
  • Practice time: +45 minutes
  • Suitable age: 14 years old +
  • Previous experience in yoga is not required
  • You are prepared to do the practice regularly at home after the workshop
  • Detailed schedules to be shared after signing up

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to practice Yogasanas?

The length of the Yogasanas practice depends on your holding time. If you have just learned the postures and you hold for only 15 seconds per cycle x3 cycles, then it can take approximately 1 hour to complete the full practice once.

As you build up some internal strength, you will be able to hold each posture for a longer period of time. For example you can hold all postures for 30 seconds x 1 cycle, then it can take you approximately 45min – 1 hour to complete the full practice once.

If you decide to increase your holding time to 45 seconds or 1 minute or even longer per posture, the entire practice length will also increase.

Is there going to be a compulsory mandala period of doing it twice a day?

From Isha Hatha  Yoga School guideline aspect, there is no longer a compulsory mandala period of doing the newly learned practice, in this case – Yogasanas, twice a day.

To integrate any newly learned practice to the system, the best way to go about it is to do it twice a day for the next 40-48 days. However, this is really down to your individual inspiration rather than a hard drawn guideline.

It is best if you can do the practice once a day on a daily basis. If it is not possible, a few times a week is also good. If you practice other Isha hatha yoga, you can also alternate your practice. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday doing Surya Kriya or Angamardana and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday doing Yogasanas and Sunday doing both.

Is the accommodation included and what kind of accommodation is it?

Yes, the accommodation is included in the program. We will have 3 nights staying at the new part of the venue.  There would be 2 meals a day served by the local home made organic vegetarian food, freshly prepared by the monastery.

The accommodation we have booked is a single room dormitory including shower and toilet.  In case of an exceptionally large group of participants, we might extend our stay to the other part of the building, which might involve a shared dormitory of two single beds.