Practice (Sadhana) day

Practice (Sadhana) day is an opportunity to spend some time to intensively focus on your practices. With like mind individuals we come together and practice classical Hatha yoga series under guided instructions.

We start with guided practice for Angamardhana: we will go through the entire sequence. You will also receive corrections on spot. If you are not sure about certain postures or you have been out of practice for some time, this is the moment to catch up, without the need to go through 11 hours long workshop once again.

Afterwards we will go through three cycles guided practice for Surya Kriya.  In the first cycle you will receive correction on the postures; for the second cycle, we will refresh the breathing mechanism once again; and, for the third cycle, we will practice Surya Kriya along with subtle body.

The next session we will be practicing Yogasanas by holding each of the posture for minimum of 45 seconds or 1 minute (depends on the participants) with once cycle only. It depends on the participants on the day, whether they have learned advanced postures or not. If not, we will practice only beginner sequence. Otherwise we will practice the entire sequence including the advanced postures. You will receive corrections on the postures throughout the guided practice.

After the Yogasanas session you can make use of this time to do Shoonya or Shambhavi Mahamudra meditation on your own.

Schedule of the day: 

Sat, 3rd Oct & Sat, 31 Oct

9:00 – 11:00 Angamardhana guided practice  
11:00 – 13:00 Surya Kriya guided practice
13:00 – 15:00 Yogasanas guided practice
15:00 – Shoonya break, self practice Kriya (optional) 

For all practice sessions, you MUST HAVE ALREADY LEARNED the practice before hand in order to attend the guided session.  You can choose to attend all sessions or one.  The choice is yours.   

Program fee: pay as you like
Payment method: after the session you can make online transfer to: Ascendance, NL59 ABNA 0592 8695 12. You can self determine the amount to be transferred.

The payment received from Sadhana days are donated towards Isha out reach projects:

In the previous Sadhana days, we have donated 1,301  trees towards Cauvery calling through all our participants’ hard work.  

We have also responded to Sadhguru’s initiative from this year’s Guru Pournima – Isha Sanghamitra Initiative – Crafting a conscious planet.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Sadhana day for your spiritual growth also help with a good cause.

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