The teacher

My name is Shivangi previously known as Estella King.  In August 2018 I have received this name from Sadhguru.  It means a limb of Shiva.

I am a certified Isha Hatha Yoga teacher from 2015 batch.  Ever since the training is complete, I have devoted myself to transmit the classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form – to whoever is willing.

A great care  is taken to maintain this yogic tradition in its sanctity and vibrancy. So that, anyone who comes in contact with this unique tradition can be deeply touched and impacted by what is offered here.

My journey

My training

My background

Aug 2019:  Hatha Yoga Teacher Upgrade, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Feb 2019:  Hatha Yoga Teacher Upgrade, Coimbatore, India
July 2018:  Hatha Yoga Teacher Upgrade, Warsaw, Poland
July 2017:  Hatha Yoga Teacher Upgrade, Vilnius, Lithuania
Mar 2016:  Hatha Yoga Teacher Upgrade, Isha Coimbatore, India
Mar 2016: Samyama
Jul 2015 – Dec 2015:  Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Isha, Coimbatore, India
Aug 2014: Kailash pilgrimage
May 2014: BSP Tennesse
Feb 2014: Hatha yoga series
Nov 2013: Initiation to Shoonya
Sep 2013: Initiation to Inner Engineering – Shambhavi Mahamudra meditation

Mar 2019 – present : Financial controller, GameHouse Original Stories, B.V. NL
Feb 2015 – Jul 2015:  Creative Consciousness Coach Training, CC NL, Maastricht, NL
Jun 2012 – Jul 2015:  High Impact Business Analyst; Sr. Finance Manager, Philips, NL
Dec 2009 – Jun 2012:  Corporate Accountant; Sr. Financial Analyst, Philips, UK
Jul 2006 – Dec 2009:  ACA/ICAEW training; Sr. Auditor, BDO, UK
Jun 2004 – Jul 2005:  Financial Analyst, Eli Lilly, UK
Oct 2002 – Jun 2006:  BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance, University of Portsmouth; UK