What Are The Benefits of Hatha Yoga?

Benefits of hatha yoga

It is commonly known that doing yoga will make you feel calm and relaxed. And, it is not unheard of that yoga can even become some form of therapy for people with physical ailments.

Yes, practising yoga will give you more physical strength and flexibility. If you practice proper yoga regularly, your pulse rate can come down, and your breath can become deeper and longer. As a result, you feel more relaxed and calmer. In addition to this, your heart may become stronger, and your back pain maybe goes away…

These physical benefits are all great. However, I would like to share with you the spiritual significance of Hatha yoga that is not commonly known.  Bear in mind that this is just a glimpse of what Hatha yoga can offer. It is by no means an exhaustive list:

Hatha yoga brings you in sync with the cycle of sun and moon

The sun’s cycle is approximately 12.5 years, and the moon’s cycle is 28 days. According to Sadhguru, your health and mental balance will be perfect if your psychological cycle is in sync with the sun cycle.  If your cycle runs shorter than that, you will face a certain degree of friction or imbalance in your life.

When we do Hatha yoga, we align our physical body to the celestial geometry. This alignment has a significant impact on our physiological and psychological cycles. It will bring us closer to the sun (Ha) and the moon (Tha) cycle. So, our life will become in balance with less friction.

Hatha yoga directs the flow of energy

Hatha yoga is a subtle way to direct energy in a particular direction. Sadhguru explains that we create a conducive passage for energy flow by consciously forming the body into a specific posture.[1] When we do Hatha yoga, the channels and pathways in our body start to open up for this flow of energy.[2] This process purifies and prepares the body for the high volt of energy.  If you prepare your body well through hatha yoga, you can comfortably move into a more intense form of meditation.[3]

Hatha yoga elevates your consciousness

You might have heard of the term “body language”. The body can speak a language because it reflects the mental state of the being. That is why others can feel how you are just by observing your body in most situations.  Sadhguru says that our body naturally tends to take certain postures for every different level of consciousness, mental or emotional situation that we go through. The converse of this is the science of asanas (Hatha yoga or Yogasanas). [4] We can also elevate our consciousness by consciously putting the body through Hatha yoga. This process can “alter the very way we think, feel and experience life”. [5]

Hatha Yoga breaks your compulsive pattern

To aspire and look beyond the compulsive nature of the physical body and mind takes an enormous amount of strength and tenacity. If the body and the mind have not been prepared, any change can be excruciating. The practising of Hatha yoga is kneading the body. So that our body, mind, emotion, and energy become re-shapeable. As a result, the old habits and patterns are getting loose and gradually lose their grip. Then, any change becomes less a struggle.

To change the fundamental quality of our physical body and mind requires enormous persistence, determination and commitment.  Do you know that the word “Hatha” also means being adamant?  You will definitely need this quality to walk on the path of Hatha Yoga.

Hatha yoga brings the chemistry of blissfulness

Last but not least, Hatha yoga brings the chemistry of blissfulness.  As Sadhguru explains, the ultimate synchronization between the individual and the universe will naturally lead to chemistry of healthfulness, joyfulness, blissfulness, and balance within oneself. [1]

Although during the training, the teacher told us that there are three phases of Hatha Yoga: Hatha pain, Hatha torture and Hatha bliss. You do have to do some work before you get there! But I have to tell you, this taste of bliss is definitely worth all the bending and twisting you have to go through! 🙂

Hatha Yoga (Yogasanas) workshops

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